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  • A controller (used in the title of some financial officers)

    ‘Comptroller and Auditor General’
    • ‘And the Texas comptroller's office is investing more of its $2.5 billion in trust funds in index funds.’
    • ‘Involving and empowering the comptroller team helps grow future comptrollers and financial managers at all levels.’
    • ‘To become strategic partners and force multipliers, all financial managers and comptrollers should become familiar with the SAF / FM vision statement and strategic plan.’
    • ‘Mr Hevesi is the financial comptroller for New York state and his office administers the second largest pension fund in America.’
    • ‘The boards, being separate legal entities, operate under company law and are also audited annually by the comptroller and auditor general.’
    • ‘The accounting firm represents businesses disputing tax rulings by the comptroller's office.’
    • ‘Milwaukee this year will spend about $1 million of its block-grant money on salaries in its comptroller's office and city-council staff.’
    • ‘Some of the denials occurred because of missing paperwork or other problems, according to the comptroller's office.’
    • ‘The savings drew the attention of the City of New York, said Michael Aaronson of the office of the comptroller.’
    • ‘What is today a comptroller's office is potentially the headquarters of a group with a war mission next year.’
    • ‘Armed with this information, the financial analysis experts can help the comptroller understand the unique financial requirements of each wing organization.’
    • ‘I am currently the comptroller for Baltimore, serving my second term in office.’
    • ‘The bogus accounts were unearthed after the comptroller revisited the sampling audits of suspect non-resident accounts undertaken by the Revenue.’
    • ‘The managers were apparently given a dressing down and the comptroller was told that internal audit findings were taken into account in fixing managers' bonuses.’
    • ‘As the commander's chief financial advisor, comptrollers must also widen their lens and view the wing through the eyes of the wing commander.’
    • ‘Only three of the authorities even have to file financial statements with the comptroller.’
    • ‘I know the officer of the comptroller of currency is going to do that as well.’
    • ‘However, it is still unclear how the differences could have occurred as the comptroller was unable to conduct a comprehensive audit due to lack of information.’
    • ‘State and city comptrollers recently warned that budget gaps will return next year, estimated to be at least $5.3 billion in New York state and $3 billion in the city.’
    • ‘In the comptroller's report I found the disclaimer of opinion along with related discussion about the material deficiencies and other issues causing such a report.’
    organizer, controller, comptroller



/kənˈtrōlər/ /kənˈtroʊlər/ /ˌkäm(p)ˈtrōlər/ /ˌkɑm(p)ˈtroʊlər/


Late 15th century variant of controller, by erroneous association with French compte ‘calculation’ or its source, late Latin computus.