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‘‘A risk-free reference is needed to provide bond investors with a realistic and computable assessment of risk,’ said one fixed-income analyst.’
  • ‘Atom depth is an easily computable quantity, yet it allows one to detect some general features of proteins and protein domains.’
  • ‘The activity of ‘dividing inventorially’ a text into a logical structure of parts that are computable according to a machine-readable ‘arithmetic’ can indeed be a dizzying enterprise.’
  • ‘In particular, composite fields (for example, temperature and shade) are naturally computable using the intersection of regions in the separate fields.’
  • ‘Our dynamic revenue analysis model is a computable general equilibrium model designed to estimate the effects a tax law change would have on the economy and, through these effects, on tax revenues.’



/kəmˈpyo͞odəb(ə)l/ /kəmˈpjudəb(ə)l/