Definition of computer-aided in English:


Pronunciation /kəmˌpyo͞odərˈādəd/ /kəmˌpjudərˈeɪdəd/

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  • Completed partially or entirely by using a computer.

    ‘computer-aided engineering’
    • ‘Common spreadsheet programs can be used to produce a custom computer-aided study tool.’
    • ‘Recent developments in computer-aided drawing have given him a new freedom in getting his ideas to work.’
    • ‘This drill type of computer-aided study should be particularly convenient for improving visual identification skills.’
    • ‘The Mechanical Engineering Department has also strengthened its computer resource base and computer-aided drawing has been introduced.’
    • ‘They create works that subvert the utopia of corporate musicianship, which advertises the fantasy of a seamless computer-aided sound reproduction.’
    • ‘Although computer-aided drafting software has indisputably changed the way architects and engineers draw, even more dramatic is the way high-end computer simulations have changed engineering design.’
    • ‘The work includes tasks such as computer-aided planning of future factory layouts.’
    • ‘He says lack of understanding of the current trends in the music industry has led a number of people to despise the present crop of musicians that use computer-aided music.’
    • ‘University faculties had much interest in learning about current educational technologies such as using multimedia, constructing web pages, and incorporating computer-aided materials into their curricula.’
    • ‘Although many colleges and universities added computer-science programs in the 1960s, early attempts at computer-aided instruction in primary and secondary education proved disappointing.’
    • ‘This research is closely linked with issues relevant to computer science, having to do with automated deduction, functional programming, and computer-aided verification.’
    • ‘Like other contemporary architects, this firm uses computer-aided modeling tools extensively during schematic design.’
    • ‘The Ultimate Golf center furnishes its members with state-of-the-art golf equipment, from a computer-aided swing to fully automated tee-up systems with pneumatic height adjustment.’
    • ‘He sees this as his ethical duty to photography, despite his history in computer-aided graphic arts.’
    • ‘The assessment of various cognitive and perceptional functions was possible with computer-aided questionnaires and tests.’
    • ‘None of this would be objectionable if these frightfully expensive computer-aided super-spy devices were as efficient at detecting cocaine as they are for arms and ammunition.’
    • ‘A 20-feet high dome was erected at the Sector 5 grounds for the show and computer-aided sound-and-light effects added to the eclectic performances by the pop stars.’
    • ‘The Small Industries Service Institute, a Government of India organisation, is conducting a month-long entrepreneurship development programme on computer-aided textile designing.’
    • ‘The arrival of computer-aided education will not mean an end to blackboards.’
    • ‘Specialized software has been developed to allow computer-aided transcription technology to be used in the broadcasting industry.’