Definition of con artist in English:

con artist

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  • A person who cheats or tricks others by persuading them to believe something that is not true.

    • ‘the debonair con artist lives by scamming rich women’
    • ‘con artists are great at spotting our vulnerabilities’
    • ‘Tax preparers who claim they can wipe out your tax bill by exploiting hidden tax loopholes are usually con artists.’
    • ‘The growth of online shopping has created a wealth of opportunities for con artists.’
    • ‘The truth is, con artists prefer intelligent people.’
    • ‘A lot of the con artists I've arrested are unbelievably charming.’
    • ‘Good con artists invest a lot of time figuring out which kinds of people are most vulnerable to which kinds of scams.’
    • ‘Knowing how these scams work can help you avoid getting ensnared in a con artist's trap.’
    • ‘I get more confessions from con artists than from any other kind of criminal.’
    • ‘Some con artists have used this tactic to get financial information from students.’
    • ‘Street-level con artists know that what they're doing is a crime.’
    • ‘In Paris, Candide falls ill and loses money to various con artists.’
    • ‘Travelers, long beleaguered by pickpockets and con artists, are increasingly targeted by identity thieves.’
    • ‘Some con artists use names that sound like those of well-known charities in an effort to confuse potential donors.’
    • ‘They hide out along the river, are almost killed by robbers on a wrecked boat, and meet two con artists who call themselves the King and the Duke.’
    • ‘The agency also has been accused of funding con artists and companies linked to the Mob.’
    • ‘Con artists are a fruitful subject for movies and yet seldom come through with the goods.’
    • ‘The con artists are careful not to get ripped off themselves, and no transaction takes place without first checking the validity of the numbers.’
    • ‘With a history of con artists using small companies as a base to defraud the public, anything that smacks of looser controls makes regulators squeamish.’
    • ‘They were simply conned by the biggest con artist New Zealand has known for decades.’
    • ‘Increasingly con artists are turning their attention to electronic means of securing our personal details, often using old-fashioned tricks of persuasion.’
    • ‘George says he knows a con artist when he sees one.’