Definición de con sordino en inglés

con sordino

Pronunciación /ˌkän ˌsôrˈdēnō/ /ˌkɑn ˌsɔrˈdinoʊ/


  • (especially as a direction) with the use of a mute.

    ‘He specifies that the timpani be played con sordino in a section of the piece.’
    • ‘There are emotional crescendos for sure, but as a whole it's a very restrained and sophisticated little score with a lot of careful writing for solo woodwinds and piano, backed up by warm strings con sordino.’
    • ‘I want the piece played con sordino from beginning to end.’
    • ‘I notice that the passage I quoted from the 3rd is marked (and played) con sordino.’
    • ‘Instruments played con sordino fully fit this model too.’