Definition of concavely in English:



See concave

‘The cranidium in lateral view clearly shows the sutural edge, curving gently concavely inwards laterally, and despite breakage of the left fixed cheek, appears to show that the suture bisects the genal prolongation.’
  • ‘The smooth external surface of the axial rings of the anterior seven segments in the thorax of S. pronus suggests that the thorax could be flexed strongly both concavely and convexly.’
  • ‘This piece is a horizontal red rectangular form, with wavering edges and a top edge that curves in concavely.’
  • ‘It is also possible to model the mould concavely, but such modelling in reverse is difficult and is seldom done except when very simple architectural ornament is being prepared.’
  • ‘It's one of the many walls at the park made of ice that curves concavely.’