Definition of concavo-convex in English:



  • (of a lens) concave on one side and convex on the other and thickest at the periphery.

    • ‘A steady-state example would be a concavo-convex slope profile with a concave lower portion and a convex upper slope typical of humid climates.’
    • ‘These two genera have concavo-convex profiles, with strongly convex ventral valves, whereas the new genus is plano-convex and has a gently convex ventral valve.’
    • ‘Kokam butter, as found in the bazaars of India, consists of egg-shaped or concavo-convex cakes of a dirty white or yellowish colour, friable, crystalline, and with a greasy feel like spermaceti.’
    • ‘Witchger's patent was for an improvement in the drum, where a coil spring and a casing constituted a tape controller enabling the concavo-convex tape ribbon to retract into the drum.’
    • ‘A common fossil in the basal impure limestone beds is a bivalve that Silberling referred to as ‘an unidentified concavo-convex radially ribbed oysterlike pelecypod.’’