Definition of concealed in English:


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  • Kept secret; hidden.

    ‘a concealed weapon’
    • ‘he spoke with barely concealed anger’
    • ‘Then in recent years, 31 states passed laws, promoted by the National Rifle Association, allowing people to carry concealed weapons.’
    • ‘His father's cousin, the son of his great uncle the judge, responded to the news with barely concealed resentment.’
    • ‘The operator uses an advanced form of telemetry, a miniature microprocessor-controlled guidance system concealed under his clothing.’
    • ‘Officers have discovered the hidden population consists largely of asylum seekers, many of whom are concealed from the poll by tax-dodging landlords.’
    • ‘Gone is sophistry, the elegance of understatement, the joy of imagining the concealed, regaling in the revealed.’
    • ‘He voted to repeal the assault weapons ban, sponsored legislation to weaken concealed gun laws.’
    • ‘Four years later, he was convicted of carrying a concealed weapon.’
    • ‘They may also want all information about the disease to be concealed from others outside the family.’
    • ‘To avoid fattening, unhealthful fats, you need to understand what types of foods they are concealed in.’
    • ‘The result is a literary autobiography in which the self revealed is simultaneously the self concealed.’
    • ‘Photographs taken during original construction or later modifications are especially useful in revealing concealed conditions.’
    • ‘She spoke quickly, with a barely concealed sob in her throat.’
    • ‘In some homes, instead of bare timber ceilings, the rafters would be concealed with plaster, which also was sometimes decorative.’
    • ‘She hit a heavy shovel on a log concealed by the long grass.’
    • ‘We can best see what is concealed by examining different metaphors of organization.’
    • ‘His full identity is concealed by a rugged leather hat.’
    • ‘Domestic violence, once a dark, heinous secret concealed behind closed doors, is now a repugnant truth brought to light.’
    • ‘The excavations are concealed by a screen of trees.’
    • ‘Her brown eyes were concealed behind blue colour contact lenses.’
    • ‘Behind a mirrored door is a concealed walk-in wardrobe, which had originally been a bathroom from the Victorian period.’



/kənˈsēld/ /kənˈsild/