Definition of concealed weapon in English:

concealed weapon


  • A weapon, typically a handgun, which someone keeps hidden on their body or in their vehicle.

    ‘college students were uncomfortable with concealed weapons on campus’
    • ‘Four years later, he was convicted of carrying a concealed weapon.’
    • ‘In the name of public safety, thirty-three states - some two-thirds - now allow every law-abiding citizen to carry a concealed weapon.’
    • ‘The pro-gun lobby points out that violent crimes, including street attacks, actually decrease in jurisdictions that have okayed carrying concealed weapons.’
    • ‘In 1929-1930, he spent nearly a year in a Philadelphia jail after an arrest for carrying a concealed weapon.’
    • ‘When asked why he needed to pack concealed weapons, he said: "They're out to kill me."’
    • ‘Do concealed weapons, lawfully carried, reduce crime, or increase it?’
    • ‘When we entered the huge doors, they immediately started padding me up and down, checking me for concealed weapons.’
    • ‘Utah voters face a possible referendum to ban concealed weapons in schools and churches.’
    • ‘He was arrested on charges of drug possession and a concealed weapon.’
    • ‘Police charged him with attempted murder, carrying a loaded gun in public without permission and illegally carrying a concealed weapon.’