Definition of conceptualist in English:


Pronunciation /kənˈsep(t)SH(o͞o)ələst/ /kənˈsɛp(t)ʃ(u)ələst/



See conceptualism

‘It is this conceptualist self-reflexivity which is so often the sign of a postmodernist origin.’
  • ‘By Lyons's definition, Cognitive Grammar would count as unashamedly conceptualist.’
  • ‘Lest the conceptualists feel overlooked, I should mention Les Leveque's 2 Spellbound, an eight-minute version of Hitchcock's feature film Spellbound.’
  • ‘But most artists lived in desperate conditions, marginalized both economically and socially, like the conceptualists who inhabited Beijing's ‘East Village’ in the early 1990s.’
  • ‘This striking exhibition of recent large-scale photo works by Gilbert & George was a surprising departure for the veteran U.K. conceptualists.’
  • ‘That it seems messy and untidy in comparison to the air conditioned splendour of MultuCerkez / Fusinato says much about the different generation of conceptualists.’
  • ‘But as a previous generation of ambitious conceptualists proved in the seventies, pop sometimes works best when ideas are rationed sparingly.’