Definition of conceptually in English:



  • In terms of a concept or abstract idea.

    sentence adverb ‘conceptually, this is a complex process’
    ‘a conceptually simple task’
    • ‘Although this idea is conceptually simple, it presents a large political challenge.’
    • ‘Television is a good idea conceptually, but as of right now it exists to sell you things.’
    • ‘The conversational style of the interviews meant that few, if any, conceptually complex terms were used.’
    • ‘My point is that it rests on an earlier or conceptually prior idea of race invented for legitimate scientific reasons.’
    • ‘While the distinction between internal and external causes may appear conceptually simple it has not always been strictly applied.’
    • ‘Although inconceivable just a few years ago, their method is conceptually quite simple.’
    • ‘I have to tell you I just see this as a very simple case conceptually, a straightforward case.’
    • ‘Both are simple conceptually, yet infinite in the variations of play they can throw up.’
    • ‘All that is clear is that, conceptually, we can make sense of the idea of a person switching bodies and remaining the same person throughout.’
    • ‘This prediction is also in accord with the fact that this task is a conceptually driven one.’
    • ‘I realise that conceptually this is not a new idea and that some may say we simply don't have the time or money for such an undertaking.’
    • ‘Generally speaking the terms mortgage and charge connote conceptually different interests.’
    • ‘The problem is that we have conceptually reduced places of higher education to peddlers of expensive certificates.’
    • ‘You can call them social capital if that is conceptually easier.’
    • ‘Calling them security for the aid and redevelopment effort may be conceptually accurate in one sense.’
    • ‘I must admit, while I always found the material conceptually fascinating, I used to have some problems reading it.’
    • ‘Their skits were intelligent and conceptually very creative, with well-written dialogue.’
    • ‘King's work is dynamic in every sense: visually, thematically and conceptually.’
    • ‘Since his university days in Christchurch, Rhian has come along way musically and conceptually.’
    • ‘Instead, it's a leisurely exploration experience, more conceptually than physically demanding.’