Definition of concernment in English:


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  • 1 archaic Importance.

    ‘matters of great public concernment’
    • ‘Many times it happens, that it is of great concernment to the Querent to know whether a woman be with child of a male or female; or whether the thief be man or woman, & c.’
    • ‘Oh - but now God is a portion of infinite consequence and concernment to all the sons and souls of men.’
    • ‘Some repetitions, to show his seriousness in all, and the concernment of the thing spoken.’
    • ‘Will, then, these, or any of these things, stand in competition with that which we propose for the great concernment of souls?’
    • ‘I perceive there is yet good hopes of peace with Guyland, which is of great concernment to Tangier.’
    1. 1.1A matter of interest or importance to someone; a concern.
      ‘a family or any absorbing concernment of that sort’
      • ‘Some of them, it may be, will inquire into and after their own concernments, as they are here declared.’
      • ‘But I speak of a mischievous, selfish nature, that is little affected with any one's concernments but its own.’
      • ‘Eternal concernments are so weighty in themselves and of so near importance to every man, that nothing can be a greater kindness, than to give real help and warning hereabouts.’
      • ‘This was the work of those, who, if our author say true, thought basely of the public concernments; and believing things might be well enough managed by others, minded only their private affairs.’
      • ‘Thirdly, the requirement of this offence is that the concernment or involvement be a ‘knowing’ one.’
      solicitude, consideration, solicitousness, care, sympathy, thought, regard, caringness