Definition of concert band in English:

concert band

Pronunciation /kənˈsərt band/ /kənˈsərt bænd/


  • A relatively large group of brass, woodwind, and percussion players that performs in a concert hall, as distinguished from a marching band.

    ‘It supports a concert choir, a concert band and an orchestra.’
    • ‘The company would sponsor choral groups, a concert band, and a symphony orchestra.’
    • ‘Entertainment starts at 7pm, with a children's entertainer, followed by the Eynsford concert band performing Tchaikovsky's 1812 overture, accompanied by fireworks.’
    • ‘They include two choirs and a concert band from Harrogate and eight groups based in Huddersfield music centres, and Samba Time from Leeds, who will be joined by a gospel and clarinet choir.’
    • ‘Out on the grounds, the hit was the concert band of John Philip Sousa, the March King.’
    • ‘Over the years the band has evolved into a versatile concert band and has performed in Canada, the United States and throughout Europe.’
    • ‘He's super smart, with one of the highest averages in our school, and plays the tuba in the concert band.’
    • ‘Eight years ago he began teaching at the college and in that time he has developed a fine concert band, which placed second at the World Projects Festival in Sydney in 1997.’
    • ‘The community concert band from St Martin's College launches the season at 12.45 pm tomorrow.’
    • ‘Our last concert was a programme bursting with superb concert band, symphonic, jazz and choral sounds.’
    • ‘Although the concert band, which played its first-ever note in 1975, also lost all its archive photos and documents it survived and now has its headquarters at Baildon Hall.’
    • ‘The concert band was conducted by Geoff Lavery.’
    • ‘Our concert band at school is definitely one of Ellie's ‘things to look forward to in life’.’
    • ‘The mixed concert band is due to be abolished this weekend because Education Bradford's music service will only fund a children's band in future.’
    • ‘The amateur concert band, originally formed in 1880, has chalked up a fascinating musical history.’
    • ‘It was the travelling that brought an end to the original John Barry Seven, said Mr Golder, who still drums in a concert band.’
    • ‘Thanks to this we now have instruments made out of oil drums that have the full range and versatility of a concert band.’
    • ‘New musicians must reach grade five and play with the Kingston Training Band before being allowed to play with the youth concert band players.’
    • ‘He then founded his own Sousa Band in 1892 which, in its over 40-year existence, became the world's most famous concert band.’
    • ‘It makes me sad that I am almost alone in concert band.’