Definition of concertmaster in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkänsərtˌmastər/ /ˈkɑnsərtˌmæstər/

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North American
  • The leading first-violin player in some orchestras.

    ‘Among his disciples are the well-known cello teacher George Neikrug and the late violist, William Primrose and among his students were concertmasters of major orchestras, including Joseph Silverstein.’
    • ‘Should I take a safe job as a concertmaster of an orchestra?’
    • ‘Kleiber disliked making records and grumbled when the Vienna Philharmonic changed concertmasters from one session to the next, but the spring in his overture was inspirational.’
    • ‘Glenn Basham is associate professor of violin at the University of Miami, first violinist with the Bergonzi String Quartet and concertmaster of the Naples Philharmonic.’
    • ‘In conductor-led orchestras, the concertmaster is usually more of a team captain.’
    • ‘Four members of the orchestra's violin section (led by concertmasters Laszlo Pap and Lenka Hajkova) gave a brilliant traversal of the Concerto No 10 in B minor from Vivaldi's L' Estro Armonico, RV580.’
    • ‘For example, the opening violin solo (the concertmaster I assume) puts Strauss' voiceprint on it immediately.’
    • ‘Smith, almost blind, sat down and memorised the piano part; he was joined by the cellist Moray Welsh and James Clark, concertmaster of the Chamber Orchestra of Europe.’
    • ‘However, I saw William Preucil, as concertmaster of the Cleveland Orchestra, do a Mozart violin solo and had to pick my jaw up off the ground.’
    • ‘The Palm Beach Opera Orchestra (led by former Cincinnati Symphony concertmaster Eliot Chapo) played splendidly with particularly incisive strings and brilliant brass.’
    • ‘The concertmaster played a note on his violin and Lev tuned his instrument to it.’
    • ‘One of his concertmasters, William Preucil was lured away by the Cleveland Orchestra.’
    • ‘The concertmaster (whoever it was) and solo bassoonist are simply fantastic.’
    • ‘For these concerts, the guest concertmaster is Michael Ludwig, associate concertmaster of the Philadelphia Orchestra.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, its excellent concertmaster and first violinist, Guillermo Figueroa, may be leaving, so the season became one long audition of violin soloists.’
    • ‘Ellen de Pasquale served as concertmaster for both concerts.’
    • ‘Without a doubt the star of this year's festival is acclaimed violinist and Israel Philharmonic Orchestra concertmaster Ilya Konovalov.’
    • ‘At the age of 25 he was teaching at the Vienna Academy, and five years later, he was named concertmaster of the Vienna Philharmonic.’
    • ‘While in London, she served as concertmaster of the Royal Academy Chamber Orchestra.’
    • ‘In the second movement, concertmaster Christopher Warren-Green's realization of the scordatura violin writing is chillingly compelling.’