Definition of concessionaire in English:


(also concessionnaire) (US concessioner)

Pronunciation /kənˌseSHəˈner/ /kənˌsɛʃəˈnɛr/

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  • The holder of a concession or grant, especially for the use of land or commercial premises.

    ‘When talking to new black shareholders and concessionaires in the hake industry, one hears mostly how slowly things are moving.’
    • ‘The Government has also approved the extension of the management contract of Hifab International to run Zambia Railways until June 2002 when the concessionaire will take over.’
    • ‘Bial is awaiting the Centre's guidelines relating to commercial activities and ground handling before calling bids for concessionaires on airport land.’
    • ‘Arnotts has drawn up a list and is talking to retailers prepared to enter as concessionaires.’
    • ‘Depending on the concession agreement, the concession will either be fully granted to the concessionaire or part of it will go to the state, MPs decided.’
    • ‘The company started operation in 2000 when four concessionaires pooled their quotas into one operating unit; hence the name Etale which, loosely translated, means a pool.’
    • ‘Forest concessionaires should also be granted certificates to ensure that forests are managed with attention also given to local residents, the research said.’
    • ‘These include the devising of appropriate clauses to ensure that safari-hunting concessionaires were made to deliver on various undertakings made in concession agreements.’
    • ‘It pays €260,000 in rent for a store on Grafton Street which it leases to concessionaires River Island and Impulse, and also leases a small store in Stillorgan shopping centre in Dublin.’
    • ‘Our great-grandfather Charles and his brother Frank were traveling concessionaires back in 1885.’
    • ‘To remain in business Gendor started to negotiate catching agreements with outside concessionaires.’
    • ‘Digital phone concessionaires are quarrelling about whose system is better.’
    • ‘Marco Fishing is a hake concessionaire, while the other two concentrate their efforts on tuna.’
    • ‘In other cases, concessionaires renegotiate contracts in order to shift losses to taxpayers.’
    • ‘When new contractors and concessionaires bought out old ones at the airport, they were under no obligation either to keep the workers or honor their contracts.’
    • ‘In Yellowstone, we turned a large number of campground operations over to a concessionaire and plowed the income back into campground facilities.’
    • ‘The annual concession royalty is to be no less than 12 per cent of the annual income accruing to the concessionaire.’
    • ‘He said that no loan agreement had been signed by the selected concessionaire and creditor banks.’
    • ‘No new visitor centers or highways were to be built, and no corporate concessionaires imported to feed and house sightseers.’
    • ‘One auditor is expected to audit 10 concessionaires a month.’


Mid 19th century from French concessionnaire, from Latin concessio (see concession).