Definition of concho belt in English:

concho belt

Pronunciation /ˈkän(t)SHō ˌbelt/ /ˈkɑn(t)ʃoʊ ˌbɛlt/


  • A belt decorated with conchas or representations of them.

    ‘For whatever reason, De Yong's ideas were discarded, and Shane was clothed in a Wild West-style outfit complete with silver concho belt.’
    • ‘He gave his lady the fancy concho belt Carson had selected.’
    • ‘I was distracted by their beautiful costumes: soft animal skin boots, striking headpieces with eagle and parrot feathers, elaborate silver concho belts, turquoise squash blossom jewellery, and tinkling ankle bells.’
    • ‘Women's fashion belts come in exciting options, from concho belts to braided belts and macramé belts.’
    • ‘In that way, you could wear the complete concho belt when you wanted to make a very stylish statement.’
    • ‘This concho belt is made with nickel silver so it won't tarnish and of course keeps the cost down.’
    • ‘She has been smithing for over 17 years, and is known for her beautiful concho belts with wonderful, deep stamping.’
    • ‘A large collection of designs by Cippy Crazy Horse, a renowned designer who is famous for his concho belts and double-cross necklaces.’
    • ‘If you desire an authentic concho belt this is an excellent choice.’
    • ‘From time to time we may have concho belts by Gale Self available as well.’
    • ‘This hard to find concho belt by Thomas features 10 conchos each measuring 2 1/8’ by 2 3 / 4’.’
    • ‘The Porsche concho belts feature a sterling silver buckle with Porsche engraving, sterling silver Boxster or 911 Carrera conchos and a sterling silver tip.’
    • ‘This small scale ladies’ stamped concho belt measures just 5/8 inch wide; it is 30 inches long and closes with a hook.’
    • ‘Gale's most favored creations, using his vast spectrum of skills, are his concho belts.’
    • ‘For many collectors, no one piece of Indian Jewelry is more highly prized than a beautiful, handmade concho belt.’
    • ‘Concho belts are presented in the Indian jewelry of today in the classic leather belt as well as link concho belts.’