Definition of conchology in English:



  • The scientific study or collection of mollusk shells.

    Compare with malacology

    ‘A recent post at A Snails's Eye View was about the conchology book Edgar Allan Poe wrote, or rather plagiarized.’
    • ‘The beginnings of shell collecting and its scientific study, conchology, are not very far removed from that beach-combing experience: a beautiful object washed up on a beach was taken and admired.’
    • ‘Author of dozens of books on conchology, Senior Advisor, Founding Director, and finally Museum Director of the Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum, Abbott brought the world of conchology to the public.’
    • ‘Conchology and Malacology are the study of the Mollusca.’
    • ‘interests are in all things molluscan, ie: shell collecting (recent and fossil), conchology and malacology (study of shells and shellfish), and molluscan ecology and conservation.’



/käNGˈkäləjē/ /kɑŋˈkɑlədʒi/


Late 18th century from Greek konkhē ‘shell’+ -logy.