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‘The system of arbitral and conciliative intervention was seen from the outset of last century to be a revolutionary measure imbedded by the Australian Constitution in the Commonwealth Federation.’
  • ‘An immersion experience at the Irish School of Ecumenics offers theological study, a European view of ecumenism, and insight into the possibilities and pitfalls of conciliative efforts.’
  • ‘They offer both wranglers a conciliative solution, which combines the best of both worlds and seemingly has only advantages for everybody.’
  • ‘Our recent conciliative posture towards our employer calls for ongoing support for us to do what we do best: thoughtfully service the public with the highest standards achievable, from wherever they may have originated.’
  • ‘It would be difficult to imagine a more moderate and conciliative proposal than this.’



/kənˈsilēədiv/ /kənˈsɪliədɪv/