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  • In a way that is brief but comprehensive.

    ‘his main objections to it can be concisely summarized’
    • ‘It is very easy to quickly refer to specific issues or cases, which are described concisely.’
    • ‘The book is peppered with concisely written case studies of actual adoptive situations, which make it an even easier read.’
    • ‘Many of her points could have been made more clearly and more concisely.’
    • ‘Although the history of military logistics is complex, its nine salient themes can be concisely stated.’
    • ‘We are shown the action crisply and concisely, and then we move on to the next action.’
    • ‘The constitution sets out clearly and concisely what the European Union is, and what its core values and objectives are.’
    • ‘Explanatory material is clearly and concisely written, and the music is printed in easy-to-read notation.’
    • ‘He effectively and concisely conveys his quantitative and structural analysis through the example of this fascinating and emblematic figure.’
    • ‘Filled with water and arrayed in two converging rows, the shallow pans concisely evoke a fluvial landscape that stretches to the horizon.’
    • ‘This DVD package is a gem that concisely comments on social mores, television culture, and universal sexuality.’



/kənˈsīslē/ /kənˈsaɪsli/