Definition of concrete universal in English:

concrete universal

Pronunciation /ˌkänˈkrēt ˌyo͞onəˈvərsəl/ /ˌkɑnˈkrit ˌjunəˈvərsəl/


  • (in idealist philosophy) an abstraction which is manifest in a developing or organized set of instances, so having the qualities of both the universal and the particular.

    ‘An example is his claim that the self is a concrete universal and that the ethical doctrines he criticizes are damaged by their reliance upon abstract notions of the self.’
    • ‘In short, it may seem that the distinction that the advocate of ‘concrete universals’ wants to make between his own position and that of the pure trope theorist is really a distinction without a difference.’
    • ‘Kiarostami has a gift for embodying thought, grounding the conceptual in the material and investing the material with the conceptual, a film-maker's gift for what Hegel termed the concrete universal.’
    • ‘This middle term would be the idea of humanity as the concrete universal in which feminist, anti-racist, anti-homophobic and socialist struggles would recognize their common foundation.’
    • ‘Dupuis upholds Chalcedon's doctrine about Jesus Christ as truly God and truly a human being by presenting him as the ‘concrete universal.’’