Definition of concretionary in English:


Pronunciation /kənˈkrēSHəˌnerē/ /kənˈkriʃəˌnɛri/


See concretion

‘At Cresson Quarry, the Kiamichi Formation is 10 m thick and comprises silty marls with concretionary limestone lenses and layers and minor beds of fine sandstone.’
  • ‘An offshore marine environment of deposition is suggested for the mudstones, with the concretionary horizons interpreted to represent periods of reduced sedimentation, and early cementation.’
  • ‘The swirls, which are more siliceous than the surrounding sandstone, weather in relief to produce elliptical to irregular concretionary patterns on the sandstone surface.’
  • ‘They conclude that carbonate concretionary growth occurs over a depth range from tens to hundreds of metres of burial.’
  • ‘Those sections expose concretionary mudstones interbedded with thinner quartz sandstones, limestones, and marl.’