Definition of conditional probability in English:

conditional probability


  • The probability of an event (A), given that another (B) has already occurred.

    ‘Single event probabilities, conditional probabilities (such as sensitivity and specificity), and relative risks are confusing because they make it difficult to understand what class of events a probability or percentage refers to’
    • ‘For each condition, we multiplied the generation probability by the conditional probability of recognition to find the proportion of encoded items that were recognized in that condition.’
    • ‘The actual probabilities of those two conditional probabilities are identical in the Control Group.’
    • ‘When one conditionalizes, one applies the initial conditional probabilities to determine final unconditional probabilities.’
    • ‘He even calculates the conditional probabilities of such a cluster occurring just by chance.’


conditional probability

/kənˈdiSHənl/ /kənˈdɪʃənl/ /kənˈdiSHnəl ˌpräbəˈbilədē/ /kənˈdɪʃnəl ˌprɑbəˈbɪlədi/