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nounplural noun condos

informal North American
short for condominium (sense 1)
‘a high-rise condo’
  • ‘Over my shoulder you see some of those famous high-rise condos that you see along south Florida's coast.’
  • ‘The only difference is that a wall of high rise condos, office buildings and hotels surround the zone.’
  • ‘Battle noted that a second phase of 206 high-rise units and seven condos are planned.’
  • ‘They're wanting to build high rises or apartment complexes or condos.’
  • ‘Paradise found, and bought: Second cousin to hotel condos is fractional ownership in resort hotels.’
  • ‘For the life of me, I cannot understand why people move into condos and deed restricted areas with association rules.’
  • ‘Developers buy old, unused, dilapidated hotels and redevelop them into brand new upscale luxury condos.’
  • ‘When I'm old and can't make it up the stairs you can stick me in one of those condos downtown that overlooks the ancient river.’
  • ‘Put more simply, if you are a housesitter, you can eat the food in the fridge, but you can't sell the house and turn it into condos.’
  • ‘Lawyer for the church Carl Primavera says the 17 luxury condos will stick up like a finger in the middle of the block.’
  • ‘He thinks vacations should be spent in hotels or condos equipped with cable-enhanced televisions.’
  • ‘The couple was the first to purchase one of 15 condos in the buildings that date back to the late 1700s.’
  • ‘There are themed condos where the buildings, the interiors and the common areas are decorated like jungles.’
  • ‘The site has been sold, and will be razed to make room for condos and upscale shops.’
  • ‘Much of that sensation of displacement came from the question of the condo hanging over my head.’
  • ‘We had the best of both worlds - the comfort of a condo and the exotic landscape of Mexico.’
  • ‘This past year, as the piano has sat alone in the empty condo, I've felt badly for her.’
  • ‘One of my oddest memories is of sitting with a group of friends in the living room of a small condo he had in Encino.’
  • ‘If I do, I might as well give it up, move into a condo, and get myself a nice easy chair.’
  • ‘Inevitably as we pack the remaining contents of my condo the boxes of photos had to surface.’



/ˈkändō/ /ˈkɑndoʊ/