Definition of conduction band in English:

conduction band

Pronunciation /kənˈdəkSHən band/ /kənˈdəkʃən bænd/


  • A delocalized band of energy partly filled with electrons in a crystalline solid. These electrons have great mobility and are responsible for electrical conductivity.

    ‘The laser light lifts electrons from the valence band into the conduction band, where they travel freely when a voltage is applied to the semiconductor.’
    • ‘The electrons in the conduction band of this metal have no restrictions in their movement.’
    • ‘In semiconductors there is a band gap - an energy barrier that electrons must overcome to reach the conduction band.’
    • ‘Both of those methods impart energy to the electrons, causing them to break from their bonds and jump into the conduction band.’
    • ‘Insulators may be thought of as semiconductors with very large gaps between the valence and conduction bands.’