Definition of conex in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkänˌeks/ /ˈkɑnˌɛks/


  • A large, steel-reinforced reusable container for shipping military cargo or, when modified, for use as temporary accommodations.

    ‘they told us we'd be staying in luxury air-conditioned conexes’
    • ‘I would tether an aerostat to a large heavy conex container in a secure base area like a battalion headquarters and headquarters company.’
    • ‘It can easily be deployed in the unit supply conex.’
    • ‘All these guys that was in these conex boxes were black.’
    • ‘Across the sea of aluminum conex trailers at bases around Iraq, small orbs of communication are sprouting like foliage.’
    • ‘Time is of the essence when our military calls for Conex boxes whether it is for deployment or static storage.’


Acronym from container express.