Definition of confect in English:


transitive verb

[with object]
  • Make (something) by putting together various elements.

    ‘together they had confected a valiseful of show tunes’
    • ‘In the Eucharistic service, the priest confects the bread as Christ's body.’
    • ‘She also confects dips, chocolate mousse, cheesecake, soft cheeses and, of course, butter.’
    • ‘Opposition MPs have had no qualms confecting anger, declaring Mr Blair's choice of garment to be a ‘sartorial outrage‘.’
    • ‘Playwrights, directors, songwriters migrated from New York to California, confecting a word-and-picture medium quite similar to the one they had left behind.’
    • ‘To undermine Weinstein's credentials, his adversaries have confected a series of charges of sloppy scholarship.’



/kənˈfekt/ /kənˈfɛkt/


Late Middle English from Latin confect- ‘put together’, from the verb conficere, from con- ‘together’ + facere ‘make’.