Definition of confessedly in English:



  • By one's own admission.

    ‘many therapists have had clients who, confessedly or otherwise, have fallen in love with them’
    • ‘Because the pitier ‘is not stricken in the flesh,’ because he keeps his ‘sentimental distance,’ he has often shown ‘a greater capacity for cruelty’ than the confessedly cruel.’
    • ‘The politician deals confessedly with the Expedient.’
    • ‘But wherever you depart, in the least, from the similarity of the cases, you diminish proportionably the evidence; and may at last bring it to a very weak analogy, which is confessedly liable to error and uncertainty.’
    • ‘This is his much-respected study that confessedly builds on the work of Calvin, Owen and Kuyper and also relates in places to the contemporary scene.’
    • ‘But it deserves especial notice that the more important objections relate to questions on which we are confessedly ignorant; nor do we know how ignorant we are.’
    • ‘Their house has been confessedly a model institution.’
    • ‘The near-opaque video quality and confessedly basic skill level don't make this an extra you'll get a lot of mileage out of.’
    • ‘His confessedly eclectic work was a temperate defence of the moderns in the debate between the ancients and the moderns.’
    • ‘My list, however, was confessedly incomplete.’
    • ‘The law did not provide for the apportionment of the tax, and, if it was a direct tax, the law was confessedly unwarranted by the Constitution.’
    • ‘New member as he was, when the debate involved questions of law or the Constitution he was confessedly the first man in it.’



/kənˈfesədlē/ /kənˈfɛsədli/