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  • The state of keeping or being kept secret or private.

    ‘the lead bank's duty of confidentiality to the borrower’
    • ‘visitors have to sign confidentiality agreements’
    • ‘A critical feature of the survey was the pledge of confidentiality.’
    • ‘Every effort will be made to protect employee confidentiality.’
    • ‘Lawyers for the plaintiffs declined to comment, citing confidentiality provisions in the settlement agreements.’
    • ‘We will continue to work within confidentiality boundaries to provide more detailed dissemination of the findings.’
    • ‘Therapy generally involves a confidentiality clause, where the therapist can't talk to anyone about what goes on.’
    • ‘I have to negotiate complete confidentiality for all the participants, at all times, in all forms.’
    • ‘Legal requirements for confidentiality mean I can't reveal the interesting details here.’
    • ‘The agreement requires confidentiality about the content of our programs, which is our intellectual property.’
    • ‘In order to conduct this study, the council adopted a strict confidentiality policy.’
    • ‘Our response will include a discussion of the confidentiality rules that support our discipline process.’



/känfədenSHēˈalədē/ /kɑnfədɛnʃiˈælədi/