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  • 1In a self-assured way that expresses faith in oneself or one's abilities or qualities.

    ‘I strode confidently up to the rope’
    • ‘To his dismay, the first sign of life he sees turns out to be a lone warrior who walks confidently into camp.’
    • ‘The younger generation, in impressive numbers, can talk confidently to strangers.’
    • ‘Education students did not believe they received enough horticulture concepts to be able to confidently teach horticulture to youth.’
    • ‘Watching him strut confidently through the role is a joy.’
    • ‘This allows them to invest resources more confidently in their property.’
    • ‘These dancers were confidently on the beat.’
    • ‘With his Swiss army knife in hand, he boldly and confidently goes forth to do battle.’
    • ‘Carefully but confidently, I step on the rocks that still emerge from the surf and climb back to the sandy beach.’
    • ‘Despite the bombing, he spoke confidently of his ability to hearten his forces and repel future insurgent attacks.’
    • ‘Then I saw this young perky ostrich confidently gamboling down the road, with its funny gait.’
  • 2In a way that expresses little or no doubt about something.

    ‘he confidently predicts a change of fortune’
    • ‘That's something I can confidently say I have never heard in all my years as a rock enthusiast.’
    • ‘Can you confidently say it is safe for customers to use this right now to check their ranks?’
    • ‘Hackers seek out pairs of complicated, transitory browser bugs and confidently assume that new browser versions will never solve exactly one of two paired bugs.’
    • ‘If the figures are correct, I can confidently state that product producers, affiliates, and advertisers are missing out on a lot of massively searched niches.’
    • ‘I confidently forecast that economists will use more of it in the future.’
    • ‘The chairman confidently predicted at a press conference yesterday that the bench nominee would be confirmed.’
    • ‘I can confidently tell you that the whole eye-strain business is not an issue, provided you have the brightness at a comfortable level.’
    • ‘The brochure confidently foresaw that the patient would use this time to set his or her life in order and to prepare quietly for death.’
    • ‘He confidently asserts this on the strength of news that the national government is trouncing the opposition party.’
    • ‘Having somehow escaped, the leader's presumed heir confidently announced that his father remained in control.’



/ˈkänfədən(t)lē/ /ˈkɑnfədən(t)li/