Definition of configurational in English:


Pronunciation /-SHənl/


See configuration

‘For systems undertaking rare configurational transitions, a more meaningful estimate of order parameters can be performed by averaging data using blocks of configurations not containing the transitions.’
  • ‘This is a proof for the presence of small energetic deeps within large ones, consistent with a hierarchical organization of the configurational space.’
  • ‘Shall we conclude, then, that three-quarters of a century of warfare between associationist and configurational learning theories taught us little or nothing about the real nature of learning?’
  • ‘The surface within the outmost contour lines clearly increases with heating, thus implying that during the simulation the system explores a larger volume of the configurational space, thanks to an augmented thermal energy.’
  • ‘To experimentally detect the configurational changes of a myosin cross-bridge responsible for the force production, extensive studies have been made on contracting muscle fibers.’