Definition of configurative in English:


Pronunciation /-ˈfiɡ(y)ərətiv/


See configuration

‘The investments being made by players in their configurative role are harnessed, leveraged and incorporated by developers.’
  • ‘In this way, so the configurative theory tells us, a courtyard could be civilized without giving it an overtly formal straightjacket.’
  • ‘Thus the artist's engagement with technology can be a magnified instance of the raw configurative force of language, called out by sheer unlimited formativity.’
  • ‘What can possibly be the reason for cutting up the players configurative activities with close-to-parodic, B-movie-type cinematic sequences?’
  • ‘The configurative logics of institutional arrangements shape relationships within and among institutional sectors, such as the business system, the system of research, the system of education, etc.’