Definition of confirmand in English:


Pronunciation /kənˈfərmənd/


  • A person who is to undergo the religious rite of confirmation.

    ‘Confirmation branded its confirmands on their foreheads with the mark of episcopacy, and it was an in-your-face gesture to nonconformists and to others who held a low view of the episcopal office.’
    • ‘That was all the priest who taught our group of confirmands believed to be necessary, and it was not adequate.’
    • ‘On confirmation Sunday at our church, each confirmand's Scripture passage was printed in the bulletin.’
    • ‘Then, in the confirmation prayer itself, while the bishop lays hands upon the confirmand, he prays, ‘empower him for your service.’’
    • ‘Focusing on confirmands has the advantage of using a group that had a common starting point: some roughly similar degree of documented church involvement during adolescence.’
    • ‘And the confirmands appreciate their presence too.’
    • ‘Even so, email prayer partnerships established between youth confirmands and older shut-ins bring generations closer together.’
    • ‘The 70 confirmands had received some prior training and here were given a diploma and rose.’
    • ‘In the case of confirmation, there is a special prayer that seeks the Holy Spirit's strengthening of the confirmand for his/her participation in the mission of the church.’
    • ‘When, in the next years, the churches decided to retain the practice of confirmation, this blessing with the laying on of hands was retained only for the confirmands.’
    • ‘The remaining confirmands thought the hug was part of the ritual, and did the same.’
    • ‘Scan the photographs into the computer and type in the names of each confirmand or graduate with their pictures.’