Definition of confirmed in English:



  • (of a person) firmly established in a particular habit, belief, or way of life and unlikely to change their ways.

    ‘a confirmed bachelor’
    ‘a confirmed teetotaller’
    • ‘The president of a country about to go nuclear is a confirmed believer in the coming apocalypse.’
    • ‘As a confirmed cynic, I'm going to reserve judgement on that one.’
    • ‘For two women such as us, confirmed members of the jeans and T-shirt brigade, we were developing a surprising unspoken admiration for the seriously girly.’
    • ‘For confirmed fans, even the round-the-clock building work seems to be more a source of fascination than annoyance.’
    • ‘He was a confirmed loser, the most sluggardly of his Cambridge set.’
    • ‘Ever since, I have been a confirmed fan and take every chance I can to see him in action.’
    • ‘No new ‘facts’ will convince the confirmed believer in this false history.’
    • ‘True, he was a confirmed atheist, who had no patience for divinity, prayers or rituals.’
    • ‘All in all, this is a must for confirmed fans of early music, and a great, varied introduction to early music for someone who is curious about it.’
    • ‘I always refused to say ‘under God’ since I was a confirmed atheist.’
    • ‘Making fun of dot-coms is like shooting fish in a barrel; even a confirmed idiot is bound to hit now and again.’
    • ‘She was a confirmed Buddhist when I left her but by that time I had gone the way into witchcraft and the occult.’
    • ‘Which albums have you been listening to this year, and who would you say has really impressed you, either as a new comer or as a confirmed artist?’
    • ‘One of the best things I ever did for my Dad was made sure he had a Humanist funeral, as he was a confirmed atheist.’
    • ‘What you have is a pack of confirmed thugs and psychopaths devotedly looting your once great nation.’
    • ‘Was he a husband and father instead of confirmed bachelor?’
    • ‘Village folk accepted the gentle, good-natured confirmed teetotaller, who looked odd and harmed no one.’
    • ‘We are told from the start that James is a confirmed bachelor.’
    • ‘Will she manage to make an honest gentleman out of the paragon of confirmed bachelors?’
    • ‘Of course, all my ponderings are purely academic, what with my confirmed bachelor status.’
    established, long-established, long-standing, firm, committed, dyed-in-the-wool, through and through
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