Definition of Confiteor in English:



  • A form of prayer confessing sins, used in the Roman Catholic Mass and some other sacraments.

    ‘Many have the sense that if there is still such a thing as sin, it is not too serious, and feeling sad about one's sins, particularly during the Confiteor at Mass, is sufficient for forgiveness.’
    • ‘The Confiteor or ‘I confess’ shown above is a prayer from the Catholic Latin Mass.’
    • ‘Most are borrowed from pre-existing works of his own; indeed the only ‘original’ section was the ‘Confiteor’ from the Credo.’
    • ‘Then the servers bow down and recite the Confiteor in the name of the people.’
    • ‘He told us to recite the Confiteor and then he gave us Holy Communion.’



/känˈfidēˌôr/ /kɑnˈfɪdiˌɔr/


Latin, ‘I confess’, from the formula Confiteor Deo Omnipotenti ‘I confess to Almighty God’.