Definition of conflagrant in English:


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  • On fire; blazing.

    ‘In the event of a conflagrant disaster each passenger could be immediately identified.’
    • ‘While this conflagrant strike is going off, the ravager will stand there at/near his spawn-point while the reaver and prophet rush forward.’
    • ‘In the midst of a conflagrant and confused debate over amendments to the antipoverty bill, he charged that ‘not 20 of you have read’ the Senate committee's report on the bill's amendments.’
    • ‘Of all the ways to get people to think hard about their conflagrant energy consumption and its damaging effect on the environment, there is nothing as effective as the very real prospect of increased costs.’
    • ‘This, however, is evidence enough for their corruption: my imaginary sources tell me that each month the editors cull their news archives of damaging articles, and then celebrate their decadence with conflagrant effigies of members.’
    • ‘For those who prefer their tropics oriental, there is the blistering, chili-steeped Thai Beef Salad, with its conflagrant viands sacrificed atop a ziggurat of mixed lettuce, peppers, and cucumber in rather too bitter peanut-lime dressing.’
    • ‘Only by the light of this conflagrant destruction is it possible to discern the potentialities of contemporary thought and practice.’
    • ‘The operator of said pristine automobile meanwhile contains a face of humdrum, and of tranquility, as if this conflagrant expulsion of hot gases is one of normality and typical of the internal combustion engine.’
    • ‘This feature prevents the conflagrant friction that is known to produce inflamed areas of the foot.’



/kənˈflāɡrənt/ /kənˈfleɪɡrənt/