Definition of conflict mineral in English:

conflict mineral


  • (especially in Africa) a mineral mined in an area of armed conflict and traded illicitly to finance the fighting.

    ‘cell phones and laptops containing conflict minerals from Congo’
    • ‘American companies are facing increasing pressure from the government to scrutinize supply chains for conflict minerals.’
    • ‘Profits from the so-called "conflict minerals," hundreds of millions of dollars a year, help fund the Congolese conflict.’
    • ‘We mapped the use of potential conflict minerals in our supply chain.’
    • ‘They have been active in a student group involved in the issue of conflict minerals.’
    • ‘A consultant with the Enough Project estimates there are more than 20 ways to get a conflict mineral around the bagging and tagging scheme.’
    • ‘The issue of how conflict minerals finance the violence has been bubbling up among organizations that promote socially responsible investing.’
    • ‘"Her commitment to addressing root causes such as the conflict minerals that power our electronics industry was a refreshing contrast to the usual disaster sympathy tourism of visiting dignitaries."’
    • ‘The legislation requires US-listed companies to carry out supply chain due diligence to determine whether their products contain conflict minerals from the DRC or surrounding region.’
    • ‘Advocacy groups have gradually drawn attention to these "conflict minerals", but the world has been slow to react.’
    • ‘The businesses were accused of helping to fund the world's deadliest ongoing war by trading in conflict minerals from the Democratic Republic of Congo.’