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  • Flowing together or merging.

    ‘warm confluent smells’
    • ‘We attempted to mimic a more biological situation by studying cells embedded in confluent monolayers which are grown on collagen or microcellulose-coated glass coverslips.’
    • ‘For irradiation, cells were cultured in Petri dishes and synchronized by contact inhibition in confluent cultures.’
    • ‘Honeycomb cysts and areas of confluent fibrosis may be present.’
    • ‘In any case, the expression of shame as well as the confession of the guilt of sin are identified by their close and confluent correspondences.’
    • ‘Chick embryonic cells in the interior of confluent monolayers are able to ruffle and translocate relative to one another.’
    • ‘On the other hand, confluent solid and sheet-like growth patterns were common.’
    • ‘The nodes were tan-pink and had confluent areas of hemorrhage and necrosis.’
    • ‘I'll take the risk of extemporising on some confluent themes in this response too.’
    • ‘Her chest radiograph showed confluent shadowing associated with terminal disease.’
    • ‘After all, it wasn't merely the Orient which failed to develop, it was also the rest of Asia and Africa - and this stagnation was confluent with the colonial expansion of Europe.’
    • ‘So if you imagine a Spitfire, the wings join on the bottom of the body and are confluent with the body as well, so it's a smooth surface.’
    • ‘Cells were grown in culture flasks until they became confluent.’
    • ‘The self esteem movement cares more for feeling good than for doing well, and it's confluent with a much larger change, both in America and I believe in Australian society as the deeper change.’
    • ‘But as the company has pointed out, the band's general 18-to 24-year-old following is confluent with the heaviest buyers in the super-premium ice cream category.’
    • ‘Ironically, it is the public health discourse that has given the debate a new twist, confluent with the new discourse of economic efficiency and quality management.’
    • ‘These spots later became confluent, with some central clearing and a purple hue.’
    • ‘Cells were confluent within one day and were grown for a total of 5-6 days to allow the brush-border to develop.’
    • ‘The maculopapular rash that occurs with measles begins at the face, then spreads to the trunk and extremities, and may become confluent.’
    • ‘During the last glacial maximum, the Welsh Ice Cap and the British-Irish Ice Sheet were confluent and the Welsh Ice Cap formed the Welsh Ice Dome (part of the much larger British-Irish Ice Sheet).’
    • ‘The cells were fed every 2-3 days and passaged when confluent.’



/ˈkänˌflo͞oənt/ /ˈkɑnˌfluənt/ /kənˈflo͞oənt/ /kənˈfluənt/


Late 15th century from Latin confluent- ‘flowing together’, from confluere, from con- ‘together’ + fluere ‘to flow’.