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‘The ‘platy limestone’ unit overlies, apparently conformably, a cliff-forming unit of interbedded limestone and chert with occasional flat-pebble conglomerates.’
  • ‘That is, there might well be a distinction between the way the common law defence develops, conformably with the Constitution, and the strict limitations on the necessary implication from the Constitution.’
  • ‘One, who in our climate, should expect better weather in any week of June than in one of December, would reason justly, and conformably to experience; but it is certain, that he may happen, in the event, to find himself mistaken.’
  • ‘These beds are overlain conformably by the Los Molles Formation.’
  • ‘So by neither route, in our contention, could the conclusion be reached, conformably with the statute, that it is a carriage service provider.’



/kənˈfôrməblē/ /kənˈfɔrməbli/