Definition of conformant in English:


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  • (especially of technology) compatible or conforming with appropriate standards.

    ‘vendors are using the test tool and expect to announce conformant products soon’
    • ‘using XSLT will guarantee that your output will be conformant to rules for generating XML’
    • ‘our text encoding policy is now fully conformant with the guidelines’
    • ‘Static analyzers are the best way to enforce coding standards and deliver conformant code.’
    • ‘The standards require all new digital services to be conformant with government-published standards.’
    • ‘A conformant organization can advertise this fact on its website and promotional material.’
    • ‘By the end of the year, all distributions will be conformant or compliant.’
    • ‘Most scripts offered are not conformant code.’
    • ‘The project has previously focused on conformant code first rather than proactively addressing performance concerns.’
    • ‘It's not necessary to implement the entire spec in order to be conformant.’
    • ‘Through investigations by independent contractors, products are either found conformant to the standard or not.’
    • ‘It's very hard to build a way to record commands that is both conformant and reliable.’
    • ‘Any website which embeds content from third-party services will not be able to guarantee that the embedded content will be conformant.’
    • ‘The program information has to be distributed in a TVA conformant xml file.’
    • ‘This presents an enormous opportunity for new lower cost and more conformant technologies.’



/kənˈfôrmənt/ /kənˈfɔrmənt/