Definition of conformer in English:



  • A form of a compound having a particular molecular conformation.

    ‘changing the temperature alters the relative proportions of the conformers’
    • ‘Water gets conformers to make and accept available hydrogen bonds plus a conformer with no interaction with the protein, representing water in bulk solvent.’
    • ‘Occasionally during the simulated time some of the hydrogen bonds characteristic of the starting conformer were broken and hydrogen bonds typical of other conformers were formed for short time intervals.’
    • ‘However, if conformers that make good hydrogen bonds to ionized sites are unavailable, the calculated ionization free energy will be wrong.’
    • ‘Here we present a new method to carry out the sampling, and to identify low energy conformers of the molecule.’
    • ‘The criteria for defining a conformer were based solely upon the type of intramolecular hydrogen bonds that characterized the analyzed conformations irrespective of other geometrical parameters.’



/kənˈfôrmər/ /kənˈfɔrmər/


1960s blend of conformational (see conformation) and isomer.