Definition of confusingly in English:


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  • In a bewildering or perplexing way.

    ‘the mystery isn't really involving and ends confusingly’
    • ‘The more "experimental" material is just too confusingly transparent to be entertaining.’
    • ‘He ends his book, rather confusingly, by suggesting that the existence of globalization is still open to doubt.’
    • ‘Perhaps you'd rather I confusingly compared apples to oranges?’
    • ‘It comprises a confusingly large and heterogeneous array of techniques, with both therapeutic and diagnostic approaches.’
    • ‘Ethnography is, confusingly, both a process and a product.’
    • ‘They are seeking restraint on companies that manufacture cheap versions of their drug and use confusingly similar sounding names.’
    • ‘The kindergarten math course includes a spiral-bound student workbook that confusingly looks exactly like the teacher's manual.’
    • ‘He argues, somewhat confusingly, that as Americans become more individualistic they also have less liberty.’
    • ‘The character is confusingly played by two women, four adolescent girls, one 12-year-old boy, and a 6-year-old girl.’
    • ‘She has a son, who is confusingly named Shirley.’



/kənˈfyo͞oziNGlē/ /kənˈfjuzɪŋli/