Definition of congee in English:



  • (in Chinese cooking) broth or porridge made from rice.

    ‘Cooked daikon radish with rice congee or porridge; peppermint-licorice root tea; and soy beans cooked with coriander are recommended.’
    • ‘This can be made into a soup taken weekly or daily or cooked in rice congee (porridge).’
    • ‘Indeed doughnuts are not confined to Europe - when discussing this talk with my staff we discovered Chinese doughnuts which are not very sweet and are often floated in congee - a rice porridge.’
    • ‘I then asked for jook or congee - rice porridge - and they stared blankly.’
    • ‘In the south, many people start the day with rice porridge, or congee, served with shrimp, vegetables, and pickles.’
    • ‘That was until we discovered congee, the soupy rice porridge which is to East and Southeast Asia what oatmeal is to Scotland.’
    • ‘Equally at home in a Thanksgiving feast or a weeknight dinner, and wonderful in both a tangy salad with cranberries and a homey Chinese-style congee, wild rice is as versatile as it is delicious.’
    • ‘The menu features a few American dishes (eggs and ham for breakfast, BLT sandwiches) alongside a vast array of Chinese dishes (corn congee, duck lo-mein, BBQ pork, etc.).’
    • ‘Morning breakfast consisted mainly of congee (a soft rice porridge) with mochi (pounded sticky rice cake).’
    • ‘I've had congee, dim sum, watercress soup, sushi, ten fishballs and a basket of seedless grapes in the past 4 hours.’
    • ‘If you have congee for breakfast, eat it with a hot baguette-shaped, sugar-powdered doughnut.’
    • ‘The congee was a pellet mixture of bean curd, yellow croaker and water chestnuts.’
    • ‘You can see more than 10 kinds of congee on the menu, stewed with different ingredients such as solid pig's blood, sliced chicken and lean meat.’
    • ‘The cafes serve up cheap food like noodles and congee with customers sitting on plastic chairs in the open air to eat it.’
    • ‘They sat down at the dining table and ate their congee.’
    • ‘She was having chicken congee and a glass of lemon tea drink.’
    • ‘The salt-and-pepper shrimp and the chicken-abalone congee were standouts.’
    • ‘Every day, each person was given a bowl of congee and a glass of drinking water, and once a week, each was allowed a three minute shower.’
    • ‘Within a minute, a large basin of orange congee with a crab's shell and bits of claw peeking from under was placed on my table.’
    • ‘For the congee, in a large saucepan over medium heat, bring the reserved corn stock and rice to a boil.’



/ˈkänjē/ /ˈkɑndʒi/


From Tamil kañci.