Definition of conger in English:


(also conger eel)

Pronunciation /ˈkäNGɡər/ /ˈkɑŋɡər/

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  • A large edible predatory eel of shallow coastal waters.

    Conger and other genera, family Congridae: several species, in particular the European C. conger and the American C. oceanicus

    ‘Huge conger, pollack, ling, cod and coalfish were regularly pulled up the steps to the old Angling Centre and weighed in front of big crowds of onlookers.’
    • ‘Like the freshwater eel, congers undergo considerable morphological changes prior to spawning.’
    • ‘Alex posed in the darkest corner and I was shooting off a few frames when we noticed a huge conger eel looking at us with the short-sighted expression that congers are endowed with.’
    • ‘The silver bodies of predatory fish like congers make them virtually invisible head-on.’
    • ‘This is a high-energy site - as well as a vast variety of invertebrate life we saw shoals of fish, a huge conger eel and plenty of edible crabs.’


Middle English from Old French congre, via Latin from Greek gongros.