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  • 1A number of different things, parts or items that are grouped together; collection.

    ‘a loose conglomeration of pieces’
    • ‘A set is any collection, group, or conglomeration.’
    • ‘In my field of view they've been building a sprawling conglomeration of flats.’
    • ‘The concept belief would require an even more complex conglomeration of primitives.’
    • ‘Created by Victor Frankenstein in Ingolstadt, the monster is a conglomeration of human parts with inhuman strength.’
    • ‘The building now houses a conglomeration of different businesses.’
    • ‘The Mirwaiz is a pivotal member of the APHC - a loose conglomeration of pro-independence or pro-Pakistan parties in the Kashmir valley.’
    • ‘Much like the movie is a conglomeration of familiar elements.’
    • ‘Each human is a unique conglomeration of chemicals (molecules, etc.).’
    • ‘A conglomeration of the rating scales created by students in all three classes is shown in Figure 2.’
    • ‘Similarly, the orange ovals highlight some sort of conglomeration that was duplicated.’
    • ‘It is not possible to reciprocate a purely passive or mechanical or insentient conglomeration of objects.’
    • ‘Eventually, every poster in our mind gets tie dyed into one big conglomeration of waste.’
    • ‘There's no one particular reason, there's just a conglomeration of reasons for Brian.’
    • ‘These short essays add tremendously to the book, again raising it above the level of a conglomeration of stories of human stupidity.’
    • ‘Their sound is their own: a live progressive breakbeat house conglomeration.’
    • ‘The recovered craft was a conglomeration of conventional and cutting edge technology of the time.’
    • ‘The Indian film industry is a conglomeration of various big and small regional language industries.’
    • ‘This 14-minute piece is simply a conglomeration of vignettes of tweens and young women doing a variety of things in the bathroom.’
    • ‘Prop is a unique conglomeration of vibraphones, marimba, synthesisers, drums, percussion and bass guitar - a tuned percussion group with a rhythm section.’
    • ‘It is a whole conglomeration of different things that cause history.’
    collection, cluster, assortment, mix, variety, medley, mixed bag, pot-pourri, miscellany, selection, combination
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  • 2The process of forming a conglomerate.

    ‘the practice of media conglomeration’
    • ‘I'm glad to see an artist taking on the subject of radio/media conglomeration.’
    • ‘Critics say the FCC is preparing to allow record levels of conglomeration in the cable industry.’
    • ‘The small traders will oppose any scheme to transform the town centre into a conglomeration of faceless shops selling the same products.’
    • ‘Now, the illogic of massive media conglomeration is a lot easier to enter into than to back out of.’
    • ‘China Telecom is a conglomeration of many largely independent provincial companies.’
    • ‘Finally, coverage of the climate crisis is one of many casualties of media conglomeration.’
    • ‘It is not some financial corporation, or industrial conglomeration milking its poor workers for personal gain.’
    • ‘Urban conglomerations are water intensive by their very nature.’
    • ‘And it may even be a small sign of the baleful effects of media industry conglomeration.’
    • ‘This is similar to when media conglomerates sell off ownership of some of their subsidiaries because conglomeration loses profitability at a certain point.’
    • ‘It is owned by the Apollo Group, which was founded in 1973 and is a conglomeration of for-profit educational companies.’
    • ‘A gawky chap with a ponytail, rarely ever seen in a suit, he wanted to be different from those tough guys at the big anonymous corporate conglomerations.’
    • ‘No decent person wants to worship an amoral conglomeration of technology.’
    • ‘There are tremendous economic benefits to media conglomeration - but they accrue almost entirely to the media owners.’
    • ‘The struggling Vivendi conglomeration has reportedly shopped Universal, the world's largest record company, since last year.’
    • ‘A conglomeration of a bunch of retailers working with them, doing distribution, and co-marketing is a different situation.’
    • ‘Stationary conglomerations of individuals were transformed into migratory co-operative groups, following the shores of lakes and seas, and the courses of rivers.’
    • ‘Media conglomeration runs in cycles, so the fish currently progressing through the bellies of the media kings may not stay there for long.’
    • ‘Luckily for them, corporate conglomeration makes branching out that much easier - since one branch is just a small step from the trunk.’
    • ‘With globalisation have come huge conglomerations of multinational publishers who swamp the limited Australian market with publications from the USA, the UK and Europe.’



/kənˌɡläməˈrāSH(ə)n/ /kənˌɡlɑməˈreɪʃ(ə)n/