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  • 1Belonging or relating to a national legislative body, especially that of the US.

    ‘the document surfaced in a congressional hearing last year’
    • ‘our congressional correspondent is standing by’
    • ‘A news media event was followed by a congressional staff briefing.’
    • ‘The former chairperson had fought numerous congressional attempts to cut funding to the agency.’
    • ‘We had the distinct pleasure of hosting our congressional representative, who presented the check.’
    • ‘Sufficient congressional support for additional income support appears secure.’
    • ‘Congressional defenders of the farm program take strong issue with this decision.’
    • ‘She is a former congressional lawyer and now a government ethics expert at Washington University.’
    • ‘The vice president voted against congressional resolutions in the 1980s calling for the release of Mandela.’
    • ‘Congressional investigators are starting to re-examine the entire matter.’
    • ‘The overseas invasion is poised to draw attention away from failed domestic policies, the stock market plunge, and tense congressional contests.’
    • ‘Domestic security is now a distant fifth in the list of top issues in the upcoming congressional races.’
  • 2Relating to a formal meeting or series of meetings between delegates.

    • ‘the congressional agricultural committees’



/kənˈɡreSH(ə)nəl/ /kənˈɡrɛʃ(ə)nəl/ /ˌkäNGˈɡreSH(ə)nəl/ /ˌkɑŋˈɡrɛʃ(ə)nəl/