Definition of congressperson in English:


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nounplural noun congresspeople, plural noun congresspersons

  • A member of a legislative congress, especially the US House of Representatives.

    ‘It provides local activists with a tool to lobby city councils to urge their congresspersons to co-sponsor the legislation.’
    • ‘Your congressperson is supposed to ‘represent’ you in congress, not the president or your senators.’
    • ‘Such an effort could help amplify the efforts of thousands of interested individuals, cohere actions like ‘writing to your congressperson or Senator’ through standard forms and applications, etc.’
    • ‘While nobody expects you to storm the steps of the Capitol to help a stray cat, realize your mayor and congressperson are working for you and the other people in your community.’
    • ‘And please don't fool yourself into thinking that your congressperson is going to read every one of his/her thousands of letters a day.’
    • ‘At a personal level, the first thing to do is keep up with your congressperson and ask, ‘What are you doing?’’
    • ‘And we're going to move on to another congressperson in trouble.’
    • ‘To ‘audition,’ I had to write a letter to my congressperson asking for research money.’
    • ‘You encouraged girls to write to a local congressperson expressing their support for stem cell research.’
    • ‘Write your congressperson and tell them this isn't where cuts should occur.’
    • ‘Are we not being sufficiently proactive in communicating with our own congresspersons, and educating them on the patient-centered mission and outcomes of our academic programs?’
    • ‘Congress has not found a way to handle this new means of communication, which swamped congresspersons with 80,000,000 e-mail messages during the past year.’
    • ‘Many of the veterans that gathered are now judges, congresspersons, state officials, well-heeled businesspersons and professionals.’
    • ‘By the mid-1990s, however, veterans were underrepresented rather than overrepresented among congresspersons.’
    • ‘Try to arrange a meeting with the actual congressperson, not a hometown staffer who may not deal with policy issues.’
    • ‘Write your senator or congressperson in support of laws establishing organic standards.’
    • ‘Take steps to resolve a political issue that worries you by writing your congressperson.’
    • ‘If you do not get a positive response, you may want to hold a rally at the congressperson's office.’
    • ‘Fax your congressperson to tell them that it's time they protect sick and dying patients.’
    • ‘She is the first congressperson in living memory to require a round the clock police guard.’



/ˈkäNGɡrəsˌpərsən/ /ˈkɑŋɡrəsˌpərsən/