Definition of congruously in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkäNGɡro͞oəslē/ /ˈkɑŋɡruəsli/


See congruous

‘Of particular note is the ingenious use of CGI throughout the features, blended so congruously into the animation that you barely notice its presence.’
  • ‘A heavy shellac gives an overall luminescence to the work and the only congruously identifying factor is his intricate use of linearity.’
  • ‘The importance of the housing market in Florida is congruously affected by the growing mortgage business in the state presently.’
  • ‘Rather, the Byronic postmodern redefines the historical and social formations called romanticism and postmodernism, and offers them instead as aesthetic impulses that appeal congruously to those artists whose sexual aesthetics overwhelm their perception of the art form.’
  • ‘No one part of the system drives or causes another part to act, but the parts act congruously, thus allowing the deep innate potential of the entire system to emerge and come to expression in the parts.’