Definition of conical projection in English:

conical projection


(also conic projection)
  • A map projection in which an area of the earth is projected onto a cone whose vertex is usually above one of the poles, then unrolled onto a flat surface.

    ‘Among his other achievements was the fact that he invented the conical projection, an important projection of the sphere onto a plane which is used in cartography.’
    • ‘With south oriented at its top, scales of latitude, and a complex conical projection, this was a cutting-edge world map.’
    • ‘His maps were the first known to use conic projections.’


conical projection

/ˈkänəkəl prəˈjekSHən/ /ˈkɑnəkəl prəˈdʒɛkʃən/ /prōˈjekSHən/ /proʊˈdʒɛkʃən/