Definition of conics in English:


plural noun

treated as singular
  • The branch of mathematics concerned with conic sections.

    ‘It is said that from that result Pascal derived all of Apollonius' theorems on conics and more, no fewer than 400 propositions in all.’
    • ‘The work of both Aristaeus and Euclid on conics was, almost 200 years later, further developed by Apollonius.’
    • ‘He wrote articles on such diverse topics as twisted cubics, developable surfaces, the theory of conics, the theory of plane curves, third- and fourth-degree surfaces, statics and projective geometry.’
    • ‘He gave a formula for the number of conics in a 1-dimensional system which properly satisfy a codimension 1 condition, and also a proof of his formula for the number of conics which properly satisfy five independent conditions.’
    • ‘It is thought that three of the propositions are later additions to the text, while the remaining ones give a remarkable insight into the theory of conics in the early second century BC.’
    • ‘It could only do some partial unifications, such as the geometry of conics and the theory of equations.’
    • ‘Apollonius did for conics what Euclid had done for elementary geometry: both his terminology and his methods became canonical and eliminated the work of his predecessors.’
    • ‘In the same work Pappus writes about how the problem of trisecting an angle was solved by Apollonius using conics.’
    • ‘There were also applications made by Apollonius, using his knowledge of conics, to practical problems.’
    • ‘This was meant to be the first part of a treatise on conics which Pascal never completed.’
    • ‘Secondly, I am working on the history of dioptrics, the geometry of the projections, as well as on the theory of conics.’
    • ‘His work in geometry included a study of conics, quadrics and projective geometry.’



/ˈkäniks/ /ˈkɑnɪks/