Definition of conjugated in English:



  • 1Chemistry
    Relating to or denoting double or triple bonds in a molecule which are separated by a single bond, across which some sharing of electrons occurs.

    ‘The conjugated double bonds of this structure allow the chlorophyll molecule to absorb energy from sunlight.’
    • ‘In molecules with conjugated bonds, saturated bonds (carbon atoms with four attached atoms) alternate with unsaturated bonds (carbon atoms with less then four attached atoms.)’
    • ‘Fading occurs when any chemical process breaks the sequence of conjugated double bonds constituting the chromophore - the dye moiety that imparts colour.’
    • ‘Recently we used this method to study the effect of conjugated double bonds in lipid acyl chains on phase behavior and membrane architecture of die lipids.’
    • ‘Chromophores interact with light in a unique way because they contain conjugated bonds, which consist of a network of alternating double and single bonds.’
  • 2Biochemistry
    (of a substance) reversibly combined with another.

    ‘conjugated bile salts’
    • ‘This increase occurred with both conjugated chemicals and unconjugated chemicals.’
    • ‘If the conjugated antibody binds to surface proteins on healthy cells, those cells are doomed, as the conjugate will be internalized and digested in the normal fashion.’
    • ‘Grass-fed burgers are high in conjugated linoleic acids, or CLA.’
    • ‘During the three-year trial the scientists will work with the dairy industry on modifying feeding practices to produce cow's milk with the right type and level of conjugated linoleic acid.’
    • ‘A trendy nutritional supplement called CLA, for conjugated linoleic acid, may be more beneficial for animals than it is for people.’



/ˈkänjəˌɡādəd/ /ˈkɑndʒəˌɡeɪdəd/